Pro-environmental Coaching. What is it?

Green Ray Coaching - Tree set against a blue skyWe developed pro-environmental coaching to help create enduring change in the environmental behaviour of individuals. For us, it doesn’t matter how comprehensive an environmental policy may be, if it isn’t implemented by people in the organization, it’s just a piece of paper.

An Idea That Saves Money

It’s simple and difficult: change the behaviour of individuals and computers and lights get turned off, paper use is cut, heating bills are reduced, and money gets saved.

If companies like DuPont and Wal-mart are greening their businesses, isn’t it something we might all want to think about?

Consider this: DuPont, the giant chemical maker once considered among America’s worst polluters, estimates that it’s saved $3 billion from a nearly two-decade effort to reduce carbon emissions.

Points For Doing The Right Thing

But it isn’t all about money. Pro-environmental behaviour change creates an ethical stance for a business. It contributes to the social responsibility and brand of a company, and helps attract and retain the best employees. When it comes to training, how’s that for a return on investment?

Interactive Training & Development for Pro-environmental Behaviour Change