Welcome to Green Ray Coaching

Is this you?

  •  You want your business to be a leader in its field while working in a environmentally sustainable way
  • You want your business to not only make money, but to do so ethically and responsibly
  • You believe it’s time to take responsibility for how business operates

 If it is, we might be a good match if…

  • You want your business to adopt pro-environmental behaviours, but have been struggling to get staff to “sign on”
  • You understand that the best environmental policy is just ink on paper if everyone in the business  doesn’t adopt it
  • You’re looking to create real behaviour change in the environmental behaviours of your business

Green Ray Coaching - Rock in twilight with river in background

Green Ray Coaching

Hi, I’m Joe Britto and I started Green Ray Coaching because I passionately believe environmental sustainability and profitable business aren’t at odds with each other.

That’s why here at Green Ray Coaching, we’re all about providing fun, interactive and, above all, effective training development that promotes pro-environmental behaviour change in the public, private and third sectors.