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About Joe Britto

Green Ray Coaching/environment - Joe Britto leaning against a tree

For over fourteen years I’ve worked with a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds: entrepreneurs, managers, senior leadership teams, personal clients in transition, Native Canadians and marginalized and excluded groups in the UK. I’ve now turned my coaching skills to environmental issues—a long-term concern of mine—and am working with private, public and third sector organizations to effect positive and lasting pro-environmental behaviour change.

As a psychological coach I’ve worked with some of the hardest to help people. I’ve gained an understanding of how personal and sometimes social obstacles can prevent us from doing what we’d like to do.

I’ve had a lot of experience facilitating behaviour change among those wary of making changes. It’s about helping people become conscious of their actions and the consequences of those actions. I draw on cognitive behavioural, positive psychology and an approach I call Clear Thinking to realise an enduring shift in perspective.

My passion comes from a personal commitment to do the best I can. To me, life’s about living consciously. About making choices rather than going with the flow. About thinking what outcome we’d like to have, and finding what it takes within us to make it happen. Always in accordance with our values, always in a way that respects the person we know ourselves to be. The experience is as ultimately rewarding as it is initially challenging as we find ourselves doing those things we’ve always wanted to.

About Shane Fortune

Green Ray Coaching - Environment - Shane Fortune standing in front of sign that says courage in many languagesShane is the co-owner of PB Copy, one of the first green printing companies in Canada.

His experience in transitioning from conventional to green business practices helped earn his business international coverage on TV, radio and in print.

His experience working within a large telecommunication corporation, and the knowledge gained running his own business, has given him a unique perspective.

The secret of Shane’s success is developing a business model that allowed costs to be competitive with non-green businesses. As Shane puts it, “It’s about giving customers a choice to do things differently. And if they can do that with little or no additional cost to themselves, the choice is easy.”

“It’s not just about immediate sales. The good will, positive advertising and sense of well being you give customers is what helps drive sales in the long run.”

Shane’s passion comes from a personal belief that with courage every improvement we make, no matter how small, is positive.